Dishonored US pre-order incentives confirmed

Downloadable and physical treats on offer

Bethesda has announced a list of retailer-specific Dishonored pre-order incentives for US gamers to ponder over.


GameStop, BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart and Target will each be offering their own unique pre-order goodies for the cryptic first-person cyberpunk adventure.

The full list is as follows:

GameStop - Arcane Assassin Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Dishonored Tarot cards
Best Buy - Shadow Rat Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Whale Oil USB Lamp
Amazon - Backstreet Butcher Downloadable Upgrade Pack
Walmart - Acrobatic Killer Downloadable Upgrade Pack
Target - Smart Phone Dishonored Decal

Earlier today we posted a brand new gameplay trailer, showing off all manner of close quarter carnage. With E3 just around the corner, Bethesda says to "expect to start seeing a lot more of Dishonored".