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Wii U name confirmed at E3 (as if there was any doubt)

Nintendo plasters brand on E3 lanyards

Nintendo's effectively put to bed any speculation it might change the name of its next console by putting the Wii U branding on every lanyard handed out to E3 attendees.


Reports earlier this year suggested the platform holder might opt for a new name for the console, following widespread confusion surrounding its much-criticised E3 2011 reveal.

CVG understood that earlier this year serious discussions were ongoing at the highest level in the US and Japan as to whether the firm should cut its losses and give the console a different name.

Public confusion over the Nintendo 3DS has forced the platform holder to roll out bold red box stickers to differentiate the similarly-named system from the original DS, and it even enforced the TV tagline 'This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS.'