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Retailer lists Medal of Honor: Warfighter for Vita

EA's FPS franchise may be spreading its wings to Sony's portable

Medal of Honor: Warfighter may be in development for PS Vita.


While publisher EA has only announced the game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, French retailer CD Discount is carrying an online listing for a Vita version.

If a Vita edition does exist the smart money says it'll be revealed this week, either at EA's E3 press conference, which kicks off at 9pm UK time this evening or, perhaps more likely, as part of Sony's conference, which commences at 2am tomorrow morning.

Danger Close-developed Warfighter is due to hit shelves on October 23 in the US, and October 26 in the UK and Australia.

Warfighter creative director Rich Farrelly has told CVG that the studio's commitment to telling authentic military stories is one of the main elements that sets the developer and its series apart from the intense FPS competition.

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