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Crytek won't build games for Wii U or PS Vita, says CEO

New claims casts doubt over Homefront 2 project for Nintendo


Cevat Yerli appears to have suggested that his company, the FPS specialists Crytek, has no current plans to develop on Nintendo's Wii U or Sony's PS Vita.

Crytek will support Nintendo's next generation console with its CryEngine tech, Yerli said, but in-house development is not in the pipeline.

"For the Wii U, there will be games that run on the CryEngine, but from licensees," Yerli told German games site Golem.

The claim would appear to suggest that THQ's Homefront title - in development at Crytek's UK studio - will not be developed for Wii U unless outsourced to another studio.

Meanwhile, Yerli claimed that Crytek will not develop games for PS Vita either.
"The Playstation Vita is currently too uncertain for us as a platform," he said.

"Technically, I find the Vita very appealing, and have fun with it - no question. From a business perspective it is a bit too late."