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Heavy Rain dev's next game 'is called Beyond'

Quantic Dream poised to showcase new title at Sony's E3 press conference

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream's next game, which is expected to be revealed at Sony's E3 2012 press conference later today, is said to be called "Beyond".


That's according to industry site MCV, which also says the title will be narrative driven and use motion-captured actors.

Earlier today we reported that the Paris games studio has hired a "well-known actor and actress" to provide voice work on its next project.

Cage wowed GDC's attendees by showcasing his studio's stunning new game engine in a PlayStation 3 demo called 'Kara'. He went on to tell us the final PS3 games running on the technology will look "even better".

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In May, a trusted senior development source has also told CVG that the Sony owned studio is currently working on two separate mystery projects. The imminent reveal of Beyond suggests the second title could be for PlayStation 4, or Orbis as it's supposedly codenamed.