Microsoft confirms Xbox expansion into mobiles and tablets

SmartGlass hailed as a 'breakthrough in entertainment that makes all devices work together'

Microsoft will expand its Xbox 360 service to smartphones and tablets in a bold new move to bolster the firm's games and entertainment division.

Xbox Live executive Marc Whitten took stage at E3 to claim that the new initiative will be "a breakthrough in entertainment that makes all your devices work together intelligently".

The new service is called SmartGlass, and it allows customers to, apparently seamlessly, transfer data between mobiles, tablet and consoles.

Whitten's example was watching a movie on a tablet on his way home from work, then resuming the movie on the Xbox when returning home.


SmartGlass will be available on Windows 8 tablets and various Windows smart phones. No release date was issued.

Whitten went on to display demonstrations, at least theoretical ones, explaining how game developers would use the tech.

EA showed a player devising NFL strategies in-game on a Windows tablet, while 343 Industries displayed an interactive library of information while Halo 4 was playing.