Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

We offer a rapid news round-up to refresh your memories

Theres no question that Microsoft utterly smashed the competition at E3... On the wi-fi front. Seriously, it was brilliant. But what did you think of the actual content of its E3 press conference?

On the games front the Halo 4 gameplay demo was undoubtedly the star of its show, we expected some minor tweaks to the Reach engine and a few small changed here and there 343i showed it's doing a whole lot more.

Along with that Microsoft revealed Dance Central 3 and had Usher strut his stuff on stage for far too long. It also confirmed it will be continuing its fruitful exclusivity arrangement with Activision for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC content, and extended exclusive post-launch DLC portfolio to include Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 6.

But beyond games it teased some interesting and potentially game changing (pun not intended) services.

Will Microsoft Music really be able to eat into Apple's pie? Is a Kinect controller Internet Explorer on your 360 what you wanted when you begged for a browser? And most importantly do you think Microsoft's expansion into the smartphones and tablets market is a bold new move that will bolster the firm's games and entertainment division?

Tell us in the comments below.