Ubisoft Montreal announces stunning 'next-gen' Watch Dogs

Open-world shooter blows away Ubi conference

Ubisoft's announced a brand new Montreal title, Watch Dogs, which is said to be in development for next-gen consoles, according to reports.


The impressive demo shown off at Ubi's E3 conference takes place in a GTA-style open-world city, with players able to hack and control the city's infrastructure. Visually, it looks spectacular and garnered an incredible reception in LA.

The game takes place in New York City after a virus has been unleashed, causing a huge blackout and eventually control of all public computer systems handed to a major corporation.

Ubisoft referred to the impressive-looking title during its E3 conference as "a glimpse at the future".

Although the game was controlled by an Ubi employee using an Xbox 360 controller, no platforms were specified at E3 - and we think you'll agree it looks far beyond the capabilities of current-gen hardware.

See the impressive footage below:

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