THQ closes San Diego studio?

The first day of E3 and looks like THQ decides to close a studio

THQ's San Diego studio which last brought us WWE All Stars, has reportedly been told of it's closure today - the first day of E3 2012.


News has begun circulating today - the first day of E3 and busiest day for the video game industry - that the THQ San Diego studio has been closed.

The rumours come just a few hours after the confirmation that EA are to take over the reins of THQ's UFC series.

According to reports on Kotaku, the studio's employees are hearing of the closure for the first time today. The studio was also reportedly working on a new UFC title, which clearly won't be needed now.

The Twitter-sphere has also been over run with fans and press passing on their condolences to the studio.

If the reports, tweets and rumours are to be believed, THQ may have chosen today to announce the closing of the San Diego studio in the hopes that the news would get lost among all the E3 hype.

THQ's official statement on the matter is: "THQ confirms that today's announcement regarding the UFC license transition will affect the company's San Diego studio. THQ is working closely with those relevant staff to either find possible employment within the company, or potentially with EA."

We will keep you updates as further details emerge.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]