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Nintendo dismisses reports on a new 3DS

Japanese newspaper says Nintendo will be unveiling a new 3DS; Nintendo calls it "speculative"

This morning Nikkei, a respected Japanese newspaper, ran a story suggesting Nintendo would be unveiling a new model of the 3DS. Nintendo, however, is dismissing the claim.


The story that ran in Nikkei states that Nintendo would be announcing a 3DS XL, which would feature a 4.3-inch screen, and could go on sale later this year.

The article even includes a price for the console, claiming it would be priced at approximately 30,000 yen ($390).

Nintendo issued an official statement, calling the newspaper article "speculative" and containing numerous errors. Nintendo ended with details of its presentation at E3 on June 6th.

Nintendo has dismissed claims made in Nikkei before, which actually turned out to be true - specifically, the launch of the 3DS in South Korea. Seems like we'll have to wait until Nintendo's E3 presentation to find out if Nikkei was once again right on the money.

With the Wii U making its way to release, is it really plausible that Nintendo has a new 3DS up its sleeve? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]