Splinter Cell: Blacklist dev diary focuses on a younger Sam Fisher

Fisher's former voice actor Michael Ironside admits he's old to resume the role

Ubisoft has released a developer diary for its newly revealed Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

The video is essentially a bit of damage-control to keep fans raging about the lack of Michael Ironside from rioting. In it they very cleverly get the old dog to act like it was his decision to step away from the role and admit that he's too old to do stunts. Then they march in a fresh faced youngster with unnaturally white teeth for fans to get acquainted with.

We don't like him, we want drunk Michael Ironside from Conviction or nothing at all.

Ubi has said Blacklist will be released on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Want more? Have a watch of this five minute Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay video.