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NintendoLand 'does for Wii U what Wii Sports did for Wii'

Wii U's landmark game is PlayStation Home - in a theme park!

NintendoLand - a mini-game compliation featuring huge Nintendo brands such as Animal Crossing and Zelda - is being touted as the game that will explain the Wii U's asymmetrical gameplay to the masses.


It's essentially a giant online theme park populated by the entire Miiverse - with twelve different carnival games to choose from, each based around a different Nintendo universe.

Two of these games were demoed on-stage by Wii U's hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi. The first, Ninja Castle, is a single-player experience - if you remember the shuriken-flinging demo from last year's E3 it's basically that, but fleshed out into a full game. Instead of slicing up bamboo shoots, however, you're embedding the pointy devils into the foreheads of an army of cute ninjas.

The second, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, was a multiplayer affair which riffs heavily on the GameCube title Pac-Man Vs. Here, up to four players take control of trembling Luigis of various hues as they attempt to avoid a fifth player who, unseen to them, is controlling a ghost. Their only clue to the ghost's whereabouts comes in the form of rumble feedback when it approaches. If the ghost manages to incapciatate all four Luigis, he's the winner. Now that's team spirit.

These, along with three other games - Animal Crossing's Sweet Day, Donkey Kong's Crash Course and Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - will be playable on the showroom floor, so report back later for detailed hands-on opinions.

NintendoLand will launch 'alongside' the Wii U later this year. Stick it in the box with the console, Nintendo. Go on.