Wii U GamePad battery lasts 3-5 hours

And takes 2.5 hours to charge

A fully charged Wii U GamePad will operate for 3-5 hours.


That's according to Nintendo of Japan (via NeoGAF), which says the GamePad takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. You can play the system while charging the controller.

Nintendo said today that each Wii U will support two GamePads simultaneously.

The company added in a full Wii U spec sheet: "The Wii U GamePad controller removes the traditional barriers between games, players and the TV by creating a second window into the video game world.

"It incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch screen, as well as traditional button controls and two analog sticks. Inputs include a +Control Pad, L/R sticks, L/R stick buttons, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons, ZL/ZR buttons, Power button, HOME button, -/SELECT button, +/START button, and TV CONTROL button.

"The GamePad also includes motion control (powered by an accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor), a front-facing camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, rumble features, a sensor bar, an included stylus and support for Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs approximately 1.1 pounds (500 g)."