Watch Dogs: Full gameplay demo dissected, analysed, secrets revealed

We go deeper into Ubisoft's cyberpunk thriller...

Watch Dogs is, for many, the 'winner' of this year's E3. It's a surprising new IP in a mass of sequels, and not only looks amazing, but has some interesting gameplay ideas to boot.

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The nine minute demo is absolutely packed with details, so to make sure you didn't miss anything, we've picked through every inch of the footage to reveal its hidden secrets. Despite its stunning visuals, Ubisoft say the game will be coming to current gen consoles. Good news, as it means we'll get to play it sooner than we anticipated.


The demonstration begins with the chatter of intercepted communications. Amongst the noise we hear a newsreader announce "As the Hunt for fugitive Aiden Pearce continues..." confirming our man is on the run, but what exactly has he done? We then get the first sighting of our target, Joseph Demarco, who seems to have a criminal history, although the display confirms he was later acquitted.


This is followed by scenes from around the city overlaid with a constant stream of information, accompanied by a brooding voiceover from our protagonist. "You're a liar. I know the truth. I know how you think. I see the digital shadow you cast. You lie to everyone else. But you can't hide from me. I'm going to find you, and expose you to the world..." Although Pearce is pursuing Demarco, it's likely he's addressing someone much higher up the food chain here.


The camera zooms in on our man and seamlessly transitions into gameplay. Steam rises from the drains, wind blows through the trees and litter scatters across the street while traffic and pedestrians mill along - this is very much a living, breathing city. The minimap in the corner shows places of interest nearby, including what looks like a symbol for a bar. Will these locations be free roaming distractions outside of missions, or could they form hubs for information gathering on targets?


Here we get a first glimpse of the tech available to Pearce, when he pulls a smartphone-like gadget from his pocket and scans the surrounding area. Nearby mobile devices, cash machines and cameras are all highlighted on screen, with the option to 'Hack' appearing over a particular pedestrian's phone.


Pearce moves on and pauses by the roadside, and we hear from a TV news screen broadcasting nearby that a storm front is moving over Chicago, with showers and thunderstorms predicted for later on.


After waiting for a gap in traffic and crossing the road Pearce arrives at the Ambrose Theatre, and if you somehow missed the huge billboard displays then a news reporter being filmed outside confirms this is the gallery opening of 'media mogul' Joseph Demarco's dotConnexion exhibition.

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