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Gameplay details emerge for Dark Souls expansion pack

New content will take place in Lordran's past

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition producer Daisuke Uchi has told CVG a bit more about what fans can expect from the game's expansion pack, which hits consoles later this year and will be pre-built into the PC edition of the game.


Speaking at E3, Uchi says the new content takes place within the same world as the core game, but "several hundred" years in the past.

"In the end we decided to add it within the narrative," He said. "The content actually takes place in the past in the world of Dark Souls, so we've traveled back in time to show similar areas, several hundred years ago."

By way of demonstration, Uchi showed us a section from the Artorias of the Abyss expansion pack which was clearly set in Dark Souls' Darkroot Forest, though the environment has a dramatically different mood to the one captured already in Dark Souls.

When asked how players would access the new content within the game, Uchi had this to say: "The new content is interlinked within the game itself. There will be certain things you'll have to do in certain orders so that you can access the points where you can travel back in time. We'll try to give as much indication within the game itself, but there will be a lot of going back and forth."

So it's not going to be a walk in the garden then? Stay awesome, From Software.