Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: E3 demo slices up rivals and cubes critics

Hands-on with Platinum's pleasant surprise

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Precision strikes on hot spots cause foes to drop pick ups, which we presume boost energy and help you level up - a version of the 'Zen Datsu' cut-and-take mechanic from the game's original incarnation, before Platinum took over. Before our demo came to an end, we got to sample some gameplay diversity - the screen twists to an angle, and you need to sprint (via R2) to dodge incoming choppers as the ground collapses behind you. In truth, this bit was a bit fiddly played in E3 show conditions, and we died three times.

You only need to look at the E3 trailer to realise that there's a lot more going on. The plot threatens to reveal the origins of Raiden, with glimpses of him as Jack, a child soldier. There's even a few glimpses of 'stealth' as Raiden stalks rooftops, impaling his foes from above. Expect boss fights to be *insane*, with dramatic camera pans, frequent QTEs and no small measure of skill.


You might wish MG Rising Revengeance was a 'proper' MGS game, but this is wilfully different - and potentially something quite spectacular. We can't remember the last brawler, or action game, that felt so good, or paid such attention to the details that make you feel truly heroic - like the way the camera skews after a dramatic kill, and Raiden flushes out his arms with nonchalant majesty. Well, perhaps Bayonetta... you get the idea.

MG Rising Revengeance is due early 2013, but you can get hands-on with the demo bundled with the forthcoming ZOE HD collection. Far from a 'cut price' MGS, this could be the most exciting action game in years.

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