Video: Hitman Absolution: Sexier looks, same brilliant sandbox

It's 47 - just like you remember him

See, there was nothing to worry about after all. Hitman Absolution is Hitman as it always was: open levels thick with potential for mass murder, the more inventive the better. Now, though, the tech's drastically improved courtesy of developer IO Interactive's brand new Glacier 2 engine.

As you can see in this playthrough right from the E3 showfloor. There are so many more ways to kill in Absolution - like poisoning cocaine with an exotic fish, shooting a hanging crate, or a good old fiber wire strangle - that our version of Hitman's second level, The King of Chinatown, will be drastically different to yours. Find out for yourself when Hitman Absolution launches on consoles and PC this November.

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