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Video: Sleeping Dogs demo plays like a John Woo GTA

Hands-on with Square's Eastern sandbox

We went hands-on with the game formally known as True Crime: Hong Kong, and the experience has been improved so radically since its 2009 Activision reveal that it's basically had a facial reconstruction and been given a new life by witness protection (or, in this case, Square Enix).

Sleeping Dogs plays like a cinematic Grand Theft Auto IV, an open world peppered with pockets of keenly guided action. This chase scene, for instance, locks the camera behind us as we parkour over market stalls, clamber up vending machines, push past pedestrians and, er, buy a kebab. Hong Kong is just as detailed as Liberty City, but your character has the freerunning, backwards diving moves of an action star rather than awkward Eastern European immigrant.

It'll release August 17, 2012.

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