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Video: Lost Planet 3: Dead Space meets Monster Hunter

Oh, and we crush a giant crab in our hands-on

Lost Planet 3 sees the frostbitten series take a drastic turn. The second was a mess of a game, with poorly implemented four-player co-op and frustrating boss battles, but things have improved in a major way. Our hands-on gave us a Dead Space-meets-Monster Hunter vibe, but crucially, Lost Planet now has an identity all of its own.

Taking place on an icy E.D.N. III long before the first two games, you'll battle brilliantly designed mega monsters, ranging from swarms of scuttling parasites to a massive crab with a squidgy back. You'll need to use a mech for the larger foes, clamping enemies with your left arm and drilling them with your right. There's a great mix of on-foot tension and bug-killing relief, and lovable oaf Jim, your lead character, might just be the next Nathan Drake.

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