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Mass Effect 3 'the best Wii U game shown at E3', says EA boss

Plus - Riccitiello pledges new wave of unannounced EA Sports games for Nintendo's new console

Electronic Arts chief executive John Riccitiello believes that no Wii U games shown at Nintendo's press conference yesterday had matched the quality of BioWare's critically acclaimed title Mass Effect 3.


Speaking to investors at a financial briefing today, the EA CEO explained: "We looked at the Wii U launch line-up yesterday and we're very pleased there was a lot of applause for ME3, in fact I think it got one of the loudest applauses, so we're pleased that people see it as the single best piece of software that's been announced for the platform."

Nintendo has been the subject of sweeping criticisms following its E3 presentation at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The firm's share price sunk 1.83 per cent in Japan, as analysts and critics scrutinised its new Wii U hardware.

Riccitiello, who twelve months ago said EA was going to build "something special" for Nintendo, today brushed off questions regarding the company's commitment to the machine.

He did nonetheless confirm that EA has lined up "a number of sports games we're going to have on the platform that we haven't announced yet".