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Hitman Sniper Challenge has a future if you demand it

Absolution's Art Director discusses a possible future for its impressive pre-order bonus game

Hitman: Sniper Challenge could get a sequel if players want it, Hitman Absolution's art director has told CVG.


Absolution's preorder bonus tasked players with eliminating an arms manufacturer and his entourage from afar. Xbox World and PSM3 called it "the best preorder bonus ever made" and players agree.

"The response to Sniper Challenge has been incredible," says art director Roberto Marchesi. "I can't go into detail, but yes, we're definitely interested in exploring that gameplay. The response isn't falling on deaf ears, let's put it that way."

When asked about scores in excess of five million points on Sniper Challenge's leaderboards, Marchesi explained the tactics behind world-class sniping.

"The highest score we know about is past five million but our highest score internally was only in the high three millions. What we know is that, to get the highest scores, the first nine shots aren't aimed at anyone. They're all distraction shots, putting people in the right places."

Marchesi was reluctant to explain how closely Io can track how you're playing, but it's clear they're watching closely - right down to where, when, and how each NPC is sniped. "I'm not sure I should talk about this, but our metrics are a really good way for us to understand the game because some kills happened in places we never expected at all."

"And to get that five million score," he adds, "they restarted many times!"