Confirmed: 'Next-gen' Star Wars 1313 is Unreal Engine 3

Current-gen tech powers the best looking game of E3

Epic Games has confirmed to CVG that the incredible 'next-gen' Star Wars 1313 demo shown at E3 this week is running on Unreal Engine 3 - not the next-gen-specific UE4.


Yesterday, during a behind-closed-doors demo of the game we spotted an Epic dev team member using Unreal Editor, pretty much confirming its Unreal core and leading us to the assumption that the stunning game was built with Epic's purpose-built next-gen Unreal Engine 4.

But an Epic rep told us moments ago that it's in fact UE3 at the heart of the demo - easily the most impressive of E3 2012 - proving that the current-generation engine is more than capable of powering ultra high-end next-generation games once the new hardware comes around.

This comes as quite a pleasant surprise, even despite the fact that Epic VP Mark Rein recently already told us to expect the earlier next-gen titles to run on UE3 rather than UE4.

Rein had pointed to UE3's ability to power visuals such as those seen in the impressive Samaritan demo, which he said the engine is capable of doing "right now."