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Dishonored: Sick to death of sequels? This is your game of E3

Arkane's immersive sim is fresh, brilliant and funny

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One particularly inspired example of the game's emergent possibilities is that some play testers have taken to jumping off high buildings, then using the 'possession' ability, which doesn't have a massive range, to shoot Corvo into the mind of a nearby person just before hitting the deck. Almost like a reverse rocket jump.



It isn't just people you can possess either. During the demo, lead designer Harvey Smith, whose past credits include Deus Ex (and BlackSite: Area 51 - but hey, whose closet is entirely sans skeleton?), showed Corvo possessing a fish which then swum up through the drainage system of an otherwise inaccessible house in which his next target was located. You don't get that in Medal Of Honor.

And nor do you get the lovely, almost painterly graphical style, that makes the astonishingly violent kills - Corvo is capable of slicing heads clean off with just his dagger - and barely-dressed ladies seem funny and cool rather than gratuitous and creepy. Honest. In fact, the whole thing has a darkly comic tone to it, which, with so many super-serious first-person games on the way, is no bad thing.

It'd be overstating it to tell you there's never been anything like Dishonored. Glance at one of the game's Tall Boys - essentially a man on robotic stilts shooting incendiary arrows at you - and you're instantly reminded of Half-Life 2's horror-legged Striders. (The two games also share an artist in Viktor Antonov.)

The point is that if you're going to borrow, it might as well be from the best, and Dishonored's DNA contains strands of some of the most creative action experiences of this generation. And for a game about a plague, boy does it feel fresh compared to a lot of the stuff on the show floor here.


The buzz for games like Watch Dogs and Dishonored only confirms the suspicion that gamers are crying out for different kinds of experience.

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