Interview: David Cage on why Beyond isn't another Heavy Rain

"Much more exploration," promises Quantic Dream boss in massive, must-read Q&A

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How do Aiden's powers work? When he was getting rid of the SWAT guys, how is that power limited? If you can just possess anyone it would be quite easy.

I try to have as little mechanics as I can, because I don't like mechanics. Mechanics are the opposite of life. Life is organic, it's chaotic. It's not like a set of rules, so this is what I try to do in my work. But we have a couple of rules, and one rule is that depending on the aura, the colour of the aura, you know what you can do with people. Orange auras allow you to possess them and red auras allow you to shock them - so you can kill them. But all this is not like a set of rules, it's not set in stone - it's our mechanics. What you can do with Aiden depends on the age of Jodie. His power grows. But it also depends on the mental state of Jodie. If she's really tired, if she's really in bad shape, Aiden's power gets lower and lower. So it really depends.


There's no actual physical skill to using him, though? If he's got an orange aura you can possess him. You don't have to do anything?

Yes, you have to play with sticks. There is a little timed gameplay with the sticks.

It seems like Aiden is only coming out when Jodie is about to get caught, like with the dogs. Does the player need to fail for Aiden to come out?

Something's that's established very early on in the story is Aiden cannot interact with living beings. So she cannot blast people, she can only blast objects. So that's the big difference. We really play with this rule and try to create different situations where Jodie has to get rid of the dogs on her own, or sometimes she can get different objects to get rid of people.

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