Rated: The best 25 videos and trailers of E3

See CVG's pick of the best footage, gameplay videos and presentations

Over the last week we've recorded, downloaded, transcoded and watched more videos than is probably healthy. Our eyes burn, our heads ache and our ears are ringing from all the glorious explosions and dubstep.


There have been some cracking trailers this E3, and ranking the best of the best was an arduous task involving lots of debate and outright arguments between CVG staff. We felt it was worth it in the end - across these pages are some fantastic games to look forward to.

The more discerning among you might notice we've left out trailers for the likes of Gears of War Judgement, Forza Horizon and Resident Evil 6. While we're looking forward to some of these big-name games, their trailers were either too short or, er, not good enough to add in the list.

E3 2012: The best 25 trailers

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