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Sony: New innovations show PS3 has a long way to go

SCEE exec Jim Ryan pleased with 'sheer amount of originality' on offer at PlayStation

Despite an increasing number of indications that the current generation console cycle is at its closing stages, a key executive at Sony has said the PlayStation 3 still has mileage for a significant amount of key new content.


Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, told CVG that a key theme from Sony's E3 press conference was the volume of new IP - something which could be seen as the building blocks for new franchises.

"What struck me listening to the conference was the sheer amount of innovation - at our conference at least," Ryan said.

"I think that's really indicative of a platform that's got a long way to go yet."

While Sony received positive reactions for new IP projects such as The Last of Us and David Cage's Beyond, console rival Microsoft drew in criticism for its demonstrable dependency on sequels.

Ryan told CVG that he did not agree that Sony's studios are preoccupied with work on next-generation projects.