Crytek's Ryse is 'still in development' for Kinect

Microsoft says we'll see more of the elusive Xbox 360 exclusive, "no doubt"

At E3 in 2011, Crytek revealed an intriguing concept trailer for an Xbox 360 exclusive, Ryse.


Set in ancient Rome, the teaser showed us brutal first-person combat controlled by Kinect. However, despite expectations, the game didn't show up at this year's E3. This, according to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, is simply because it isn't ready to show yet.

"We're still working with Crytek, we're still extremely committed to the relationship, but we want to make sure that we're putting our best foot forward every time we show the game," he told Joystiq. "You'll see more about that game, no doubt."

You can watch the original trailer below.

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