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Watch Dogs coming to PC and consoles in 2013

Ubisoft's stunning open-world title now has a launch window

Ubisoft has announced a 2013 launch window for Watch Dogs, a real contender for game of the show at E3 this week.

"The game will be released in 2013 and will be on released on PC and consoles," according to the official Watch Dogs Twitter account.


Earlier this week, Ubisoft Montreal producer Dominic Guay said that the gorgeous third-person, open-world action game will be released on as many platforms as possible. That means Xbox 360 and PS3 versions "for sure", he added. A Wii U version is apparently still up in the air. Perhaps the most interesting question is whether it'll release on next-gen systems from Microsoft and Sony.

Once you've watched the awesome footage below, check out our Watch Dogs: gameplay demo dissected feature.

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