Valve denies rumours of Left 4 Dead prequel by Overkill

Faliszek claims collaboration with Payday studio will be nuanced

Valve Software has rebutted claims that Sweden studio Overkill is developing a direct prequel to its 2008 hit title Left 4 Dead.

Chet Faliszek, a developer at the Washington based studio, said there would be some kind of creative cross-pollination between Valve and Overkill, but without wanting to reveal any further details he said: "I want to make sure that people don't think the prequel is coming".

Overkill, formed in part by executives at the defunct studio Grin, broke onto the scene with its co-op shooter Payday The Heist for PSN and PC. The studio revealed last month that it was collaborating with Valve.

But Faliszek told PCGamesN that such a partnership will not extend as far as sharing duties on a new Left 4 Dead game.

"Those guys are still making Payday: The Heist, we're still making Left 4 Dead," he said.

"We're trying to be a little coy and a little fun because we want the communities to discover the collaboration for themselves," he added.