"BREAKING": The ten headlines that rocked E3

We look back on a week of brilliant surprises and shocking meltdowns

While E3 attendees may be leaving Los Angeles with an underlying lack of fulfilment, the event still managed to shake up the industry with some vital developments. CVG looks back at the ten best.


10: Star Wars turns to the beautiful Dark Side with adult-rated winner

A new hope for that ever-elusive "Good Star Wars Game" emerged this week as LucasArts revealed its adult-rated Star Wars 1313. A sumptuous trailer exhibited the developer's dare to cast aside Jedi fantasies in favour of a gritty portrayal of a Bounty Hunter surviving Coruscant.


9: The Biggest No-shows on Earth

The annual expo of everything gaming this year never quite managed to fill the sizable vacuum left by companies and games of colossal stature. Half-Life 3, GTA 5 and BioShock Infinite headlined the missing games list, while hopes for reveals of Doom 4, a new Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid 5 were also dashed.


8: Nintendo Land rains on parade

Journalists and analysts alike were left dumbfounded on Tuesday when Nintendo, instead of revealing the next Animal Crossing or Zelda, announced a peculiar minigame that will give numerous such franchises a small cameo role. The game, called Nintendo Land, is for now being pitched as a killer app for the Wii U.


7: Hand-helds held back

With both Nintendo and Sony spending the past 24 months convincing the industry that the 3DS and PS Vita can thrive in the smartphone era, E3 attendees were shocked by the considerable lack of games announced for these systems. Aside from giving new glimpses into Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros 2, Nintendo saved most of its breath for the Wii U. Sony, meanwhile, gave the impression that the key unique games for PS Vita will be ports and franchise spin-offs.


6: Epic Squared

It's East versus West in the highly competitive games engine business, with Japan giants Square Enix stealing thunder with its Luminos tech, and Epic Games sending shockwaves with its long-awaited Unreal Engine 4.

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