Sony: 'Second screen Vita functionality will play key role'

Sony is in a position to provide ubiqutous access to content, SCEE chief Jim Ryan claims

Sony's European CEO Jim Ryan has said the platform holder still has plans to allow PS3 owners to use the PS Vita as a second screen when playing PS3 games.


Both Microsoft, with its SmartGlass technology, and Nintendo, with the GamePad controller, extensively demonstrated the second-screen functionality of their consoles at E3.

Although Sony didn't quite fall in line with the trend, Ryan said in an interview with CVG that the feature was key a initiative for the PlayStation business going forward.

"One of our main strategies is this broadening of the PlayStation ecosystem - whether it's the use of Vita in some sort of second screen capacity or whether it's like the announcements yesterday of PlayStation Mobile," he said.

"We think that ubiquitous access to content is something that consumers are expecting and are entitled to. It's one of the great things about a company like Sony is that we can provide it. We're very pleased to do that."

Elsewhere in his interview with CVG, Ryan also claimed that Sony is "very relaxed and confident about the prospects for Vita this year and beyond".