Kojima: 'Japan's curse is its focus on Japan'

Metal Gear creator reveals ambition is to westernise his games

Metal Gear series director Hideo Kojima believes that Japan's biggest issue is that its content, which encapsulates games, movies, novels and more, is too fixated on the Japan market.


In an exclusive interview with CVG the head of Konami's Kojima Productions was asked what he think of the Japanese market compared to the European and North American industry.

"One thing about Japan, and this isn't just games, is that things made in Japan are very much targeted at Japan, whether it's games, movies or novels," he responded.

"The curse in Japan is that a lot of media is made in Japan just for Japan - you go to the cinema and it's all Japanese movies."

Kojima said he was making it his mission to draw influence from western media when creating his games.

"My generation is now being exposed to a wide range of influences, that's why what I want to make is a little bit more in tune with what people in the West will like. I really like all the things that are being made in the West.

"When I come to shows like E3 and see the announcements and go to Comic-Con, I love all of the presentations, so really I've been thinking maybe I was born in the wrong country!"

In the same interview Kojima revealed his 'Fox Engine is built for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and can be used to develop on multiple platforms at once.