Twisted Metal creator working on free-to-play-shooter

David Jaffe switches to F2P browser market for his next game

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has confirmed that he's now working on a "free-to-play, browser-based, third-person shooter".


Jaffe told Gamesindustry at E3 that he had around 10 ideas for games before settling on one. "From that spectrum of games I had [in mind], I had people saying, 'Hey Jaffe, we want you to come work on this big triple- or quadruple-A next-gen thing' and the kind of team you need for that is very different from what we're ultimately doing, which is a free-to-play, browser-based, third-person shooter," he said.

It's seems early days yet, though. "I'm fleshing that out and generating assets for a lot of concept art... kinda just getting up a rough prototype, and then just figuring out who the team exactly is going to be. That's what a lot of my meetings have been about today [at E3]," he told the site.

Free-to-play has earned itself a rocky reputation for games being under-par compared to paid products, or for having pushy/restrictive micro transaction structures, but Jaffe assures gamers his game will only take on the positive aspects of free-to-play.

"I hate free-to-play but I love aspects of it. I love the instant-on, I love the low to no barrier of entry to get all kinds of people to jump in and play, I love the fact that you're sitting there at lunch and can play for five minutes or you can get sucked in and play for three hours," said Jaffe. "You don't have to sit there and power up your f***ing machine and go through legal screens and load screens and load the game. I know that sounds kind of petty but when you think of all the distractions and fragmentation of entertainment today, for me that's kind of a pain."

He goes on to say he hates the pay-to-win practices employed with many free-to-play games, so don't expect to see any of that.

No further gameplay hints though, so we'll now just have to play the waiting game.

[ SOURCE: GamesIndustry ]