More Unreal Engine 4 tech demos

Prototype gameplay videos released

Epic has released a few more video to show off various aspects of Unreal Engine 4's game-making capabilities.


The demos include a top-down alien shooter, a free flying game, and a boat out at sea with some nice, wavy water.

The videos aren't quite the graphical spectacles shown off in the super impressive 'Elemental demo showcase' video released to the public yesterday, but they're seemingly designed to show what developers are capable of doing with the engine in a very short time (hours or days, according to Kotaku).

Kotaku has the footage, which don't appear embed-able so check them out through that link.

Unreal Engine 4 will provide the bedrock technology for a number of games on next generation consoles, though Epic will not likely announce support for the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 until Microsoft and Sony unveil their respective systems.