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Black Mesa returns to the surface - new 'media' inbound

Dev team to release new content once 20,000 Facebook Likes are reached

The development team behind the Black Mesa mod are preparing their first public statement on the project after prolonged and puzzling four-year silence.


The Half-Life modification has been in development since 2004 and in recent years was increasingly branded as a "vapourware" game that would never make release.

But an update on the game's official website suggests that new media with key information will be released as soon as the Black Mesa Facebook fan page hits 20,000 'Likes'.

It is a possibility that the update could reveal a final release date for the project.

Black Mesa is a revisit to the first Half-Life game, though rebuilt from the ground up with the engine behind the 2004 sequel Half-Life 2. It is believed the game will stay faithful to the core narrative, level structure and design philosophies of the source material.

The game's first trailer was released in 2005, and three years later it was announced that the mod would be released in 2009. Since then there has been no release date. At one stage it was suggested the game would be free, of which there have been no claims to the contrary throughout the development cycle.

2009 Black Mesa trailer

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Black Mesa's core development team has shifted during the eight years of development, and the team's correspondence with Half-Life studio Valve is thought to be minimal.