Viral video makes Neal Stephenson's swordfighter a new Kickstarter craze

PC game project amasses $150,000 in a weekend

The American writer Neal Stephenson has ignited interest in his new Kickstarter project due in part to an increasingly viral video featuring sword-comedy and Gabe Newell.


Stephenson and his team at Washington studio Subutai are developing a PC game which is hoped will respect the nuances, history and art of sword fighting.

The Kickstarter project, called Clang, has already amassed more than $150,000 in a single weekend. The goal is to meet half a million dollars through crowd-funding.

An FAQ page for the crowd-funded project indicates that Subutai wants to release Clang on Steam, and be played through the Sixense motion control technology.

The video pitch for the game can be found below.