Ubisoft: Rayman Legends may not be Wii U exclusive

Company "looking at a lot of different launch options"

Non-Nintendo gamers should be happy to hear that Rayman Legends may not be exclusive to Wii U.


Given the excellence of last year's Rayman Origins - it's "about as good as 2D platforming gets on console", we said in our review - PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners will be encouraged by recent comments made by Ubisoft senior game manager Michael Micholic, who told Joystiq:

"Well we're not really saying it's a Wii U exclusive, although right now all we're showing is the Wii U [version].

"We're looking at a lot of different launch options so we'll keep you guys updated as soon as we know for sure, but right now we're just talking about the Wii U."

Last week, Ubisoft's David Martinez, engine architect for Rayman Legends, strongly hinted at a November release for Wii U. He said that Rayman Legends will be out "at launch" for Nintendo's new console and, pressed on when that might be, went on to say "around November".

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