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Video: The Last of Us will change depending on how you play it

All-new video analysis of Naughty Dog's stunner

While Star Wars 1313 and Square's eye-blitzing Luminous Engine might have given us a tantalising glimpse of the next generation, Naughty Dog presented compelling evidence that, in the hands of skilled developers, current hardware can still be pushed further than ever.

Brutal and brilliant, The Last of Us was easily one of the standout games of E3, marrying mature, affecting storytelling to short, sharp bursts of violence that actually meant something; one neck choke in The Last of Us hit home harder than the entire city of Los Angeles being levelled in 11 minutes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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In the video above, PSM3 Editor-in-Chief Dan Dawkins talks us through the unique demo he was given by lead designer Jacob Minkoff - and how things subtly changed depending on the route you take through the game.