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CVG's E3 2012 Awards: Best Action Game

Metal Gear, Last of Us or AC3? Our E3 team picks a winner...

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Winner: Best Action Game of E3 2012

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Platinum Games

You might wish MG Rising Revengeance was a 'proper' MGS game, but Rising is wilfully different - and potentially something quite spectacular. Team CVG's Dan Dawkins claimed it's the most fun action game he's played in years, with "details that make you feel truly heroic".

Kojima fanboys, occasional Snake Eaters and complete novices; every kind of player we caught playing Revegeance at E3 came away with a massive smile on their faces, mostly thanks to its huge set-pieces, deep combat system and utterly enjoyable slicing system. It's a big surprise and potentially, the best console bruiser since Bayonetta. Congratulations, Konami - you deserve it.

CVG judges say...


Dan Dawkins, PSM3/Xbox World editor: A victory for old-school game design, with a precision-honed synergy of visuals, sounds and button presses that *make you feel amazing*. Why does the camera swoosh and pan as Raiden flushes after his arms after a dramatic kill? Because it makes you feel like a *badass*. Dicing up a car into a shitspray of 87 irregular chunks, is as much fun as precision scalping a 2cm layer off a man's forehead, which is a sentence I though I'd never type, but grateful I can. The best playable game at E3. Accessible, deep, and classic Japanese combat design, with cinematic panache.


Michael Gapper, PSM3/Xbox World features editor: Platinum has a great engine, more beat-'em-up expertise than anyone else in the business, and hot man-slicing tech. Sure, Afro Samurai was slicing men clean down the centre long before Rising was playable at E3, but Rising is actually good.

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