Your definitive list of confirmed Wii U games

22 titles currently in development, and a few more likely suspects...

Nintendo's Wii U is scheduled to launch worldwide later this year, likely in November.

At E3 last week the platform holder and a number of third-party publishers detailed a total of 22 games currently in development for the console, which we've rounded up below, with links to coverage of each title.


While it isn't a stingy line-up, not all third parties have been willing to declare their support for the platform with concrete announcements, although we're expecting the big guns, EA and Activision, to jump on board soon enough. EA has announced Mass Effect 3, but our money's on FIFA seeing a Wii U release, as well as Black Ops 2, during the console's launch window, which Nintendo has categorised as the three to four months post-release.

Of course, we're eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new 3D Mario game, Mario Kart Wii U, and a fresh Zelda adventure, although series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has suggested the latter is some way off releasing yet. For now, here's the confirmed list of Wii U games:

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