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Molyneux 'shocked' at Microsoft's neglect of PC gaming

Former Microsoft creative criticises lack of Windows talk

Former Lionhead man and Fable creator Perter Molyneux has said he's "shocked" at Microsoft's apparent neglect of Windows gaming.


Molyneux notes the recent "resurgence" of PC gaming, but thinks Microsoft isn't doing nearly enough to support it.

"I would hope the next generation would bring about a new wave of innovation. If we don't do that in consoles, then you will find that those people that want innovation will start retreating to other formats. Look at the PC. It's incredible to me how there's been a resurgence in PC gaming. There's a lot more innovation now," he told GamesIndutry.

"I think that's the other thing about the Microsoft press conference. It's always shocked me about how little Microsoft cared about the Windows platform," he added.

"There was hardly a single talk about Windows 8 at all [at E3 last week]. You would've thought, with a billion installed machines, there would be at least some play. And the whole metro interface is much more gamified, but there was no talk about it at all."

Molyneux recently quit Microsoft, leaving Lionhead to form his own new company, 22 Cans.

[ SOURCE: GamesIndustry ]