Miyamoto projects prolonged due to other duties

Nintendo icon may have something to show at E3 next year

Shigeru Miyamoto has said it's difficult trying build momentum in developing his ideas into new games due to the numerous roles he occupies at Nintendo.


Speaking to Joystiq Miyamoto said he was working with a few teams on different projects, and that these multiple roles were preventing his own, bigger projects from gathering steam.

"I do like working with a small team, and I'm working with a number of small teams on a lot of different ideas" he said. "But the problem is because of all these different roles that I have to fulfill, it takes me a long time to write the design document. It's not that it's a small project, it's that small teams take longer to do larger design documents."

The Mario creator said it is unlikely that any of his current projects will be revealed this year.

"Maybe this time next year I'll have something ready to show you that perhaps will illustrate [my ideas," he said.

"I have some storyboards that I have to draw before I finish this trip," Miyamoto said in reference to his appearance at E3 last week.

"It's fun, I use Flipnote Studio to draw my storyboards."

Miyamoto made a brief appearance at Nintendo's E3 press conference to demonstrate Pikmin 3.