Nintendo not worried about Apple television rumours

TVs exist on ten year cycles, Iwata claims

Whispers of Apple launching a new line of televisions hasn't phased Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who has said the Wii U offers something unique and consumers won't upgrade their TV sets on a whim.


Iwata was asked at an investor relations meeting if Nintendo was prepared for a scenario where its dominance over the living room was threatened by Apple launching a TV. In his retort he dismissed the idea that Apple's television could draw people away from the Wii U.

"I think that what Nintendo is proposing with the Wii U is the only platform that has a second screen that is seamlessly and completely integrated with a large TV screen, and this feature characterizes the Wii U well," he said.

"Therefore, we have a lot of chances to differentiate what we have to offer and will help drive appeal and interest among the consumers around the world. Our proposal could create a unique blue ocean."

He also said he feels consumers won't adhere to the smartphone upgrade cycle when considering whether to purchase a new televisions, which means the Wii U wouldn't like face much competition should Apple's mythical TV materialise.

"We see in the mobile phone market that typically there is a cycle of people replacing their phones roughly every couple of years so a new device like a smartphone penetrates the market quickly. But when it comes to the television market, the cycle for television replacement is actually much longer; say a five-year cycle at the shortest, to a seven or even 10-year cycle at the longest.

"So, however fantastic the new television is to be launched, it's not as likely that people will immediately move to upgrade a television necessarily because of that longer cycle."

Iwata has said he believes developers are only using half of the Wii U's potential.