Ikaruga designer's new 3DS shooter coming September

Co-op shooter Kokuga gets Japanese release date

Kokuga is a new 3DS shooter and the latest work of a man named Hiroshi Iuchi. Why should you care? Because he created one of the best shooters of all time - Ikaruga.


Kokuga, coming to Japan on September 27, is a top-down co-op shooter that lets up to four players roam around grid-style arenas in mechs blowing all kind of shit up.

Like Ikaruga, it also looks to play on a blue and red bullet system, which has you switching to absorb bullets of a similar colour and shoot enemies with opposite colour bullets. If you don't know what we're talking about, just go play Ikaruga - you can pick it up on Xbox Live Arcade and it's incredible.

Kokuga seems much slower in pace compared to Ikaruga, and is clearly a very different game, but with single-cart 4-player co-op and Iuchi's name in the credits, we'll be hoping this gets a Western release soon.

Note: 3DS is region locked. Don't import it unless you have a Japanese 3DS.

Here's a trailer:

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]