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Japan: Vita sales finally on the rise

Sony handheld shows first sign of life after months of declining sales

Vita sales, for once, did NOT hit a 'record low' in Japan last week, as the handheld begins to show signs of bouncing back.


Sony Japan managed to flog 13,383 units in the week of June 4 - June 10. That's still not a colossal number, considering 3DS did 64,875 units in the same week (and over 101,000 the previous week).

But it's a step in the right direction away from the abysmal 7,551 that Sony sold in the region in the week prior, and shows new signs of life after almost constant sales declines since the struggling handheld went on sale.

The new Vita Gundam game, Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny, probably helped push it along, but Sony's not in the clear yet - that was still the only Vita game to place in the top-20 all format software charts for that week.

As noted earlier, 3DS saw a decline but still remains dominant over Vita, while PS3 sits in second on the hardware charts with 15,593 units sold.

The full charts are over on NeoGAF.