Miyamoto wants to make a first-person shooter

"But I don't have time," says Mario creator

The creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, says he would like to have a crack at developing a first-person shooter, but has too much on his plate to do it.


"I actually do kind of want to make a first-person shooter, but I don't have time," he told Kotaku.

It would seem an odd project for Miyamoto to take on, but the renowned game creator goes on to explain how he might approach it - and it seems he'd do more than simply decide who you'll shoot and what you'll shoot them with.

"Rather than necessarily the question of 'What kind of weapon do I have?' in a first person shooter or 'What kind of effect does that have on an enemy?', I think that the structure of a first-person shooter is something that's very interesting," added Miyamoto.

"Having that 3D space that in theory you are in and being able to look around and explore that-particularly being able to do that in conjunction with another person-is very interesting."

This isn't the only time Miyamoto discussed his lack of time at E3 last week. As reported earlier, Shigeru Miyamoto also said it's difficult trying build momentum in developing his ideas into new games due to the numerous roles he occupies at Nintendo.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]