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Sonic Blast comes to 3DS VC this week

Another slice of Sonic history hits Nintendo's handheld

There have been no shortage of retro Sonic re-releases in recent months, and Sega's not done yet because it has another in store for EU 3DS owners this week.


Sonic Blast is traditional 2D Sonic platformer originally released on the Game Gear - Sega's colour-screen handheld - back in 1996, and will be released in the 3DS eShop as Virtual Console title in this week's update (June 14), according to Siliconera.

It offered familiar Sonic action but was criticised by some for being a little on the slow side - and for having an abnormally large Sonic sprite.

But if you're committed to grabbing every last bit of regurgitated Sonic history, you'll be able to pick this up on your 3DS within hours (if not now).

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]