App Store watch: Super Meat Boy where art thou?

Games to play when you're not playing SMB

Sometimes, not playing Super Meat Boy is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

We already know that Super Meat Boy is coming to iOS and Android. But we also know that Super Meat Boy is the type of game that hurts not to play. If I don't play Super Meat Boy or a game like it for too long, I just want to die.

Similarly, if I'm in the mood to play Super Meat Boy, but I'm required to play something very different, say the Game of Thrones game for instance, the dialogue and comparatively sluggish pace makes me want to gouge my eyes out. With a fiery rod.

Enough misery, though! I've been playing ChocoRun lately, which is a pretty obvious homage to/rip-off of Super Meat Boy, except here your boy is made of chocolate and you cannot stop running.

Like SMB, except your man is made of cheese

It's a one-button game that requires the same fraction-of-a-second twitch reflexes, except you can play it on an iPhone or an iPad. Which you can't do with Super Meat Boy. Yet. Being a single-button game, the key to mastering ChocoRun lies in a) knowing the level and b) becoming well acquainted with the subtleties of the jump gauge. A split second too long pressing the jump button is the difference between life and death-via-spinning blades.

CheeseMan is another game that shamelessly rips off Super Meat Boy, to the extent that the creator thanks Team Meat in the opening credits. In keeping with the recurring food theme that seems mandatory in tough-as-nails platformers, your man is actually made of cheese, hence the name of the game.

ChocoRun - look familiar?

CheeseMan isn't on-rails like ChocoRun, and the controls make a strong case for Team Meat deciding to completely re-haul SMB for iOS devices, yet it's pretty fun if all you want to do is play Super Meat Boy on your damned tablet/phone yet you can't, because Team Meat won't hurry the hell up. It only takes about three hours to complete as well, and doesn't cost a cent.

There are tonnes of games on the App Store that "borrow" ideas from classic games. What other copycats are out there that will sate our desire for games that haven't made the leap to iOS or Android?

More pressingly, are there any more Super Meat Boy clones?