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Thief 4 'CGI trailer' footage appears online

Will the Square Enix sequel ever come out?

Footage from a supposed Thief 4 CGI trailer has appeared online, though it's not done much to stamp out rumours that the sequel's hit development trouble.


According to fan of internet CVs Superannuation, the footage here is taken from a trailer by Goldtooth Creative - the same firm that did the Deus Ex trailer - which was originally planned for release in December 2011

Theif 4 is said to have been in development for four years, with one level designer even claiming to have designed the game's last level.

The long-in-development sequel has seen its audio director and lead level designer both depart for other studios, along with several concept artists and other designers.

Recent Eidos Montreal job listings reveal the studio's gearing up for next-gen development, and this could be one possible explanation for Thief 4's tardy arrival. Why launch a new IP at the end of this cycle, when you could use it to kick off the next one, eh?

Thief 4 by allgamesbeta2