CVG's E3 2012 Awards: Best Shooter

Black Ops 2, Far Cry or Dishonored? Our E3 team picks a winner...

A week has passed since the sun went down on the video games industry's biggest annual shindig in L.A - and we've been mulling over each and every title that team CVG saw at the show.

After a lot of contemplation - and two separate challenges to a dual - we're pleased to reveal our E3 2012 Awards, with our Top Five games in an array of categories. Here, we take a look at the titles that most did it for us in the Shooter genre...

Runner-up #3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


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Ben Wilson, OPM UK editor: I know it's trendy to knock Call Of Duty, but I don't care. Sure, Black Ops II looks a formulaic... but what a formula, and what a setting, with LA crumbling to dust as you attempt to protect the US president, and a whole load of new futuristic weaponry to muck around with. The series has done authenticity until we're all bored of it (take note, MOH Warfighter): so what's to not like about it doing total insanity instead?


Rob Crossley, CVG associate editor: Their studio representatives never admit it, but the team at Treyarch has a point to prove that it is the de-facto Call of Duty developer and not, as a disrespecting EA executive once blasted, the 'b-team' to Infinity Ward. Now with the Modern Warfare group stripped of its key developers, Treyarch is being positioned by Activision as its principal Call of Duty studio, finally free to explore post-Vietnam narratives and go beyond historical weapons. The political point is important: After years of constraint, Treyarch finally has a window of opportunity to seize the moment and emerge on top. If the studio ever needed more motivation to build the best game in its history, it's harder to think of a better one than this.

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